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News & Reviews

Tea Leaves Review: Chocolatier
"It’s a good game...more proof that the casual game makers spend more time thinking about game balance than their brothers making “real” PC games do."

Macworld: Review: Chocolatier"Chocolatier is a delightfully challenging business tycoon game with some sweet twists and turns. Definitely check this game out..."

Out of Eight PC Game Review
"Delightful blend of economic simulation and arcade mechanics, entertaining and challenging manufacturing process, nicely paced with a good story, helpful user interface, varied side quests, lots of recipes, surprisingly not repetitive."

Houston Chronicle Review
"Fair warning: You'll gobble it in one sitting and crave more. The game is fascinating, challenging but not frustratingly so, lovely to look at and listen to, amusing at times and altogether fun."

GrrrlGamer Review
"Chocolatier had been teasing my sweet tooth for a while, so I finally gave it a try and was really surprised at how easy it was to get into and how hard it was to let go."

Gamezebo Review
"Even if you don't have a sweet tooth you won't be able to resist this delicious digital diversion."

Killer Betties Review
"Chocolatier has the one single thing that defines the good casual games from the bad, and that is "one more time" syndrome."

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Review
"All in all, this is a tasty treat of a game that will have you working hard to build your empire -- all while working up a serious craving for chocolate."

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